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Founded 1981 in Munich
closed 2006

since 2006 the gallery is accessible only on the internet

aktuell / currently:
Chris Winter


March 14 - July 5, 2020


Participating artists include Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, David Hockney, Yves Klein, Odilon Redon, Paul Klee, Joan Mitchell, Mark Tansey, Callum Innes, Helen Frankenthaler, Christopher Winter .....

"I hope you are keeping safe and well in these extraordinary times. Many galleries and museums continue to be closed globally including my group exhibition
"Blue." at the Nassau County Museum in New York.††Iím excited however†for the first time to have my work presented in a virtual exhibition.

In times of lockdown, contact restrictions and border closings, art collectors Leo Kuelbs (NYC / Berlin) and Dirk Lehr (Berlin) have curated a 3D online exhibition with the topic of loneliness, isolation and social distancing. Works by:

Kim Dreyer, Rowena Dring, Andreas Gefeller, Jan Holthoff, Birgit Jensen, Maria Naidyonova, Sean Smuda, Iva Vachlev, Tomas Veszi

and Christopher Winter

Click here to visit the exhibition:

Lehr/Kuelbs Projects†

Me, Myself and I

tom schmelzer
postanschrift / postal adress

josephsplatz 5
d-80798 munich


0049(0)89 271 83 93


Auswahl / selection · kuenstler / artists

heinrich brummack
rolf faesser
francisco klinger carvalho
shirley paes leme
tom schmelzer
hans schork
mladen stropnik
christopher winter


wird neu erstellt / Is being rebuilt: DEPOT

tom schmelzer: the beauty of imperfection
or how to make a lion baby shine
16 lasers, swarovski crystal, usb-hubs, magnets, alligator clips, quadpod, polystyrol case, nylon thread, projector stand, motor, power supply unit
approx. 168 x 68 x 68 cm

Karl Oskar Gallery presents a selection of work from its Inventory 

Open by appointment

May 27th - June 8th

Karl Oskar Gallery

Burgemeister Str. 4, 12099 Berlin, 


Karel Appel


Georg Baselitz

Joseph Beuys

Amrita Dhillon

Günther Förg

Silke Kästner

Arnulf Rainer

Nina Rodin

Dieter Roth

Sigmar Polke

René Schoemakers

Peter Wilde

Christopher Winter

tom schmelzer: the beauty of imperfection tom schmelzer: the beauty of imperfection

Christopher Winter, Echo Beach, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 140 x 110 cm

"tom schmelzer: "aura"
"tom schmelzer: "homo-bulla"

be realistic, demand the impossible
illusionary object
bronze (unique copy; dead-mold casting), basiliscus basiliscus (plastination) tin, sand, mdf
flower arrangement with vase approx. 50 x ÿ 20 cm
stand 92 x 25 x 25 cm

"tom schmelzer: "you can get what you want"